November 2013

Cinema 4D: Save some time using a new.c4d-file

Safe some time in your daily routine by setting up a „new.c4d“ file in the program root folder of Cinema 4D containing your settings you like the most or need to use a lot (e.g. apect ratio, antialising, your preferred render engine…) . Every time you create a new file in Cinema you are ready to […]

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VFX Breakdowns

I am sure you often asked yourself how many scenes of an movie are made in post production or are completely out of the grey box. It is very impressive and depressing (in a positive way) at the same time how much work it takes to create great movies like this. I would like to […]

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Photoshop: Advanced Post Production techniques

Recently I stumbled across some Photoshop post production videos on YouTube that I want to share with you. The videos will give you a nice Overview how many ways you have to go to give your Renderings that professional touch in Photoshop.  Breakdown Video 1  Breakdown Video 2 Resource:

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